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Language policy in Congolese education system: Integration in global age and challenges

Par Father willy mikobi • Bibliothèque : Bibliothèque PubliqueLangue & Affaire • Article • 2023-05-17 • 105 vue(s)


This research focuses on the current linguistic situation and language policy in Congolese schools. It highlights how local languages can be integrated in the global age's educational system. It also examines likely the challenges to language policy in the Congolese education system, while indicating how these challenges can be overcame

Indeed, the integration of the local languages in Congolese education system in a globalized world is a requirement to envisage linguistic democracy, linguistic justice, linguistic human rights, linguistic diversity, psychological emancipation and sustainability for the quality of education and development. The language policy in Congolese education system does not reflect reality and is being a threat to learners and to our society yet this system introduces immediately learners to foreign languages which they are not familiar with.

I am aware on the fact that Congolese government is tending towards local languages in educational policy and is a supportive of inclusion of local languages in education mainly in elementary school; however the tendency in educational attainment is stagnant and is becoming worse. This is why the endogenic paradigm used in this research advocates language policy in Congolese education system to shift from borrowing colonial policies ( exogenic paradigm) to pragmatic policies ( endogenic paradigm) which are emancipatory and integrative with learner centered approaches to teaching and learning in global age

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Father Willy Mikobi, ci Junior lecturer/ ISP Gombe

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