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Less practice of English by EFL learners when outside their classrooms. Case of Kyondo sub-division school learners. (presented by KASIVIKA D'ALZON EMMANUEL) (2014)

Par KASIVIKA D'ALZON EMMANUEL • Bibliothèque : Bibliothèque PubliqueInstitution universitaire • TFC • 2023-12-06 • 56 vue(s)

KYONDO secondary schools pupils are facing the problem of not practicing the English language. Such a situation is experienced when they are outdoor their classrooms or even out their schools. This language i.e., EFL could be practiced in their daily communication as they learn it. A learner is said to know a given language when he is able to speak, read, write and even listen to it. In other terms, a language calls for the four skills as mentioned here up.

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